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Child of Glass

Child of Glass is the virtual display case for our doll collection. Though our dolls are made of resin, this site was named after the eponymous doll in the 1978 movie Child of Glass, which in turn was based on the book The Ghost Belonged to Me by Richard Peck. (And the doll in question then was made of glazed china, which technically isn't glass, either!) We hope to bring you the same mixture of supernatural mystery and old-fashioned charm with our stories here.

About the Site

We bought our first doll in 2005 with the hopes of having two someday. Needless to say, over the years we have found space in our hearts (and wallets, somehow) for quite a few more, as well as their clothes, their pets, their furniture, and various paraphernalia. We hope you enjoy your visit to our collection. Please contact us with any questions or site issues. Our email is us at odessacastle dot org.

Doll molds and model names are copyrighted by their production companies. All character names, stories, photos, and other content on this website is Copyright Child of Glass. Please do not save, reproduce, or redistribute any content without express written permission of the site owners.

About the Dolls

Modern Asian Ball Joint Dolls are, as their name suggests, ball-jointed dolls primarily produced in Japan, South Korea, or China. However, there are artists producing dolls all over the world, and the list of new dolls and new companies is constantly expanding.

ABJDs are cast in high-quality resin in small batches, usually by a workshop or atelier. They are not mass-produced, and every doll requires many hours of hand-work to create. They feature changeable eyes and wigs, versatile posing, and face paint (faceups) that can be done by the owner, commissioned faceup artists, or by the company producing the doll.

Dolls range in size from a few inches to over two feet in height. Standard sizes are often based on the line of dolls produced by Volks Inc and include SD/Super Dollfie sized dolls (60-65cm), MSD/Mini Super Dollfie sized dolls (40-45cm) and a wide range of tiny sizes. An increasing number of dolls are being made in the 70cm range.

ABJD are both an out-of-the-box collectable and a highly customizable art form. A variety of wigs, clothes, shoes, and eyes are available for all sizes, enabling the doll owner to create a totally personalized doll. ABJDs are made to be played with and posed, and are excellent for artist's reference, photography subjects, and sewing models.

The dolls on Child of Glass are not for sale, but similar models are available from online companies or on the secondhand marketplace. For more information about ABJD and places to purchase them, please visit Den of Angels.